The myrtle flower is associated with hope and creation. It was invoked by Schumann in his song cycle Myrthen (op. 25) dedicated to Carla Wieck. There is a constant search for the linkage between music, poetry and chant in this opus, the relationship between arts which made him recognize that he had learned more about counterpoint with the writers than with music teachers.
The linkage between art and science is increasingly oriented towards the search for new categorical universes that allow to expand our thinking.
The creative relationship between different knowledge and is becoming more and more the “omega point” of our time.
From a social viewpoint, the closest correlation is the cooperation of different cultures, political and even psychological perspectives, rather than confrontation and isolationism.
The mission of Flor da Murta Cultural Centre can be summarized in a few key words: arts, interdisciplinary thinking, inclusion, community, solution, meaning.
We make it our aim to create, out from the sheer space nature and the municipal community granted us, both a real and a virtual place, where artists, musicians, actors, writers, among others, can share their knowledge with each other and the surrounding communities.
Our purpose is to give culture, in an effort to contribute to its full existence, a place that is open to those who are constantly excluded and those who long for it, but have not easily found it.
So there is a threefold mission:
First, to allow artists to create and communicate, by opening doors and providing new new possibilities for interaction;
Second, to offer art to the surrounding communities;
Third, to create community life through art, at the gates of Lisbon.
On the other hand, including community means openness to the world. We propose that, by means of our creative and cultural discoveries, we can offer events of major importance even to those who come from outside. In the heart of the municipality of Oeiras is now a real place for art and thought.